Why do we also help the Topics?

1 Biodiverse tropical tree x 25 years = 1 Ton of Carbon Dioxide

Tropical forests are home to at least two-thirds of the world's biodiversity, even though they cover less than 10% of the planet. This is what we call biodiversity, and it is crucial to life on Earth.

Planting trees in any climate is beneficial. However, planting trees near the equator "cools" the planet more than trees planted in temperate latitudes. Scientists from the International Panel on Climate Change have focused on tropical trees as the key to solving many global environmental and social challenges caused by climate change.

They make much of the oxygen humans and animals depend on. Without them, there would be less air to breathe! Rainforests also help maintain Earth's climate. By taking in carbon dioxide, they help to reduce the greenhouse effect. 

Biodiversity abounds in the tropics and this is where it is most under threat by humans. Tropical nature benefits the entire world by regulating climate, preserving biodiversity, and supplying fresh water, rainfall, pollinators, and much else. Canada's migratory birds also depend on tropical wintering areas.

With respect to climate change, tropical forests are crucial given the large potential to reduce emissions from deforestation and sequester carbon by allowing degraded forests to recover. Our top priorities are to spread awareness and reforestation. Together we can regrow our forests!

Join and support us plant over 100 species of native trees in owned farms with community men and women in biological corridors covering water springs and rivers in the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica and the Atlantic Forest in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (coming soon). 

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