Our Team

Trees for Life Project today has a team in Canada, Costa Rica and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that includes conservation/ reforestation experts, business professionals and volunteers. Our Trees for Life Canadian team consists entirely of volunteers. That means all donations are directed to conservation programs and projects.

Trees for Life Project addresses many global challenges: Climate change, biodiversity preservation and the reforestation of unique natural areas. We believe that planting many different species of native tress in deforested pasturelands for reforestation, protection, education and research is one of the most meaningful investments we can make for future generations. 


Pedro Henrique, grew up with a love for animals and the worlds tropical environments. He was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil and moved to Toronto, Canada when he was 8 years old with his parents and sister. He has a passion to help the world be a better place and became a police officer, where he served and protected the communities for 12 years before embarking on a life mission. With a love for nature and traveling the world throughout his life he started to feel an overwhelming call to directly address the deforestation and destruction of our worlds biodiversity. In 2021, he founded Trees for Life Project and its sister organizations, (TFLCR) in Uvita, Costa Rica and (TFLBR) in the Atlantic Forest, Teresopolis, Brasil. With these organizations, Pedro hopes to bring an integrated approach to conservation and reforestation that preserves the natural habitat and species of the area. Further, educating communities on how we can protect biodiversity, reverse climate change and show people how we can economically coexist with nature.


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