Where does your money go?


We responsibly use and account for every dollar spent. From administrative costs, to on-the-ground equipment, to paying local workers, we guarantee your money goes into the right hands for the right purposes.

Sponsor a 25 dollar tree and offset one ton of carbon dioxide. The list below shows where your 25 dollars is going.

We intentionally keep marketing and administrative costs low by doing the work ourselves to plant and care for as many trees as we possibly can.

Why is TFLP different from other brands?

We are not like many reforestation projects out there that plant in masses and have very high mortality rate. We believe that it's not about how many trees we plant, it's about how many trees actually survive and grow strong.

We aim high in the carequality and diversity of our trees. Growth with proper supervision and care throughout a 4 year span is the main focus with an additional 21 years of support to the newly planted trees. 

We follow a reforestation model, using best practices for tree growth and understory management results. Even more, if a tree dies, it will be replaced! 

Dead trees are replaced during maintenance visits by local work crews. If a tree dies, it usually happens within the first 2 years after planting. We check the tree for the first two years. Sometimes soil or water runoff can be adjusted to help trees in zones of higher mortality loss.

Each tree is lovingly tended to in order to grow to maturity, especially for the first four years. We ensure trees become established and grow up over grasses. After 25 years of care and maintenance, a biodiverse forest canopy is formed to give us maximum environmental, economic, and social benefits.

The majority of money from each $25 tree pays a community workforce to care for and maintain the trees. Tree maintenance occurs 3-4 times per year the first 2 years, and 2 times during the 3rd and 4th years.

We also support and help empower local farmers to work on their own land, which means less deforestation and more reforestation! By creating local jobs, TFLP cultivates greater opportunities for the long-term protection and regeneration of forests. Social justice plays a huge role in keeping forests standing for future generations. Building value added rainforest products with communities also creates a stable economy. And a stable economy protects the environment!



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