Corporate Carbon Offset Program

Your business can offset carbon emissions through Trees for Life Reforestation Corporate Alliance Program. Each rainforest tree planted will offsets one ton of carbon. We usually recommend one tree a month for each vehicle in service.

We support businesses and organizations to calculate their carbon footprint from equipment operations, product life cycle (packaging, electricity, transportation), and travel.

Transparency is key. Communicate your carbon offset process and include as many details as possible. Explain how you calculate carbon emissions, reduce carbon emissions, and offset all or some of the remaining. Set goals to cap and reduce your businesses carbon emissions over time! Explain how your product or organization is protecting the planet for future generations by offsetting with Trees for Life Project and make it part of your marketing strategy.

Set your own level of carbon neutrality. Everyone is spewing carbon into the atmosphere and effectively offsetting carbon today is the wild west. Every carbon offset business strategy will be unique. With demand for corporate social responsibility rapidly growing, the first to evaluate, reduce and offset carbon will be leaders for others to follow.

Each tree must be lovingly tended to in order to grow to maturity, especially for the first four years. Trees must become established and grow up over tall cattle grasses. After 25 years of care and maintenance, a biodiverse forest canopy is formed to give us maximum environmental, economic, and social benefits.

The majority of money from each $25 tree pays a community workforce to care for and maintain trees. Trees reach maturity in 25 years, with the first 4 years being the critical period of establishment. Tree maintenance occurs 3-4 times per year the first 2 years, and 2 times during the 3rd and 4th years. We replace any tree that dies in the first 4 years.

We help empower local farmers and communities to work on their own land, which means less deforestation and more reforestation! By creating local jobs, TFLP cultivates greater opportunities for the long-term protection and regeneration of forests. Social justice plays a huge role in keeping rainforests standing for future generations. Building value added rainforest and forests products with communities creates a stable economy. And a stable economy protects the environment! Learn more about our reforestation corporate alliance program.

Win A Trip To Costa Rica

Visit our reforestation project, stay at our nursery and learn how we are rebuilding the rainforest while empowering communities. Learn more.