Carbon Footprint Calculator

1 tropical tree to offset 1 ton of carbon for $25.

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases produced directly or indirectly by human activities. Greenhouse gasses are commonly expressed as carbon dioxide.

Individual carbon footprints can be easily calculated. This handy carbon footprint calculator will compute the tons of carbon used for home and transport per year.

Corporate carbon footprints are calculated similarly. All processes are evaluated in detail to determine total energy consumption of gathering materials, production, distribution, and business operation.

How to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Both businesses and individuals can reduce their carbon footprint and become carbon neutral. Here is the process:

  1. Calculate carbon footprint. Use this handy carbon footprint calculator for individual footprint calculation.
  2. Reduce unnecessary consumption of energy and materials. What carbon consumption can we simply eliminate? Things like turning off lights, driving less, taking more direct routes, and buying local products eliminate unnecessary carbon consumption.
  3. Create energy efficiency. What processes can be made more efficient to reduce the amount of energy needed? Upgrade to LED lightbulbs, install passive solar hot water heaters, retrofit offices with more insulation, double-pane windows, and produce more efficient products/services.
  4. Carbon Offset. Once processes are streamlined and efficient the remaining carbon emissions should be offset. This is achieved by planting trees with us!

A carbon offset is when carbon credits are used by individuals and businesses to compensate for their carbon emissions. Purchasing carbon offsets is often done with goals of going carbon neutral or carbon negative, producing a low-carbon economy. 1 tropical tree to offset 1 ton of carbon for $25.

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