Trees for Life Project (TFLP) is a Registered Canadian Charity. We believe that planting trees in deforested land in critical parts of the world for conservation, research and education is one of the most meaningful investments we can make for future generations. Join us in saving the forests while there’s still time!

We use our product apparel, donations, social media and volunteer programs to spread awareness, education, and contribute to reforestation. Learn more about our projects.

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Our team is made up entirely by volunteers, which means all donations support our reforestation projects. Our success depends on donations from people like you, who share our passion for the natural world.

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Rainforests are being destroyed at a rate of over 80,000 acres per day around the world. The world’s rainforests could disappear within the next 40 years! Lets not let that happen. Climate change is a very complex global issue and a reality that effects us all. We contribute by planting trees to capture carbon and to grow biodiversity, a crucial step to positive climate change.

All our apparel includes a sponsored tree certificate planted at one of our project location. We can rebuild the forests and offset carbon emissions while empowering communities to become leaders in sustainability.

We work with amazing reforestation partners around the world that need your support to help get trees in the ground.

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Canada Project

We are Canadians, so spreading awareness and creating projects here is also a huge priority for us. Given its remarkably large land area, Ontario's forests are incredibly diverse. From the northern lowlands around Hudson Bay, through the Boreal forest, and on to the forests in the south, Ontario is home to a wide array of unique plant and wildlife. However, many of Ontario's amazing forests are being pressured by natural resource extraction and encroaching agricultural development. Reforestation in Ontario will greatly benefit communities and the environment. We implement our same long term model in Canada as we do in Latin America. This project is a collaboration with the municipalities, indigenous communities and volunteers all across the country. Join our mission!

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Costa Rica is still dotted with hotspots of lush biodiversity, providing home for macaws, jaguars, howler monkeys and many more wild animals. However, deforestation has put these hotspots under threat. This project focuses on repairing critical ecosystems, improving the quality and availability of water, increasing rural farmer productivity, diversifying farmer incomes, and establishing long-term ecosystem restoration activities with the community. We partner with local not for profit organizations in the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica to implement a sustainable model of reforestation and plant and grow over 100 native species of rainforest trees. This project is a collaboration with land owners, local communities and local non for profit organizations focused on reforestation efforts.

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Visit our reforestation project, stay at our nursery and learn how we are rebuilding the rainforest while empowering communities. Learn more.